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Our values

Open mindedness

We are on a mission to turn the satellite industry upside down. To stay at the forefront of technological development, we make sure to learn new things every day that have the power to change our perspectives.


We are laser-focused on making our company vision a success! All our activities are in line with the objective to create sustainable space infrastructure that contributes to the development of all humankind.

Disruptor DNA

We open the doors for excitement and creativity, for curiosity and the willingness to take risks. We welcome fresh thinking and unconventional ideas.

Structured thinking

We are driven by the idea of building a company that will produce innovation on a repeated, regular basis. While some good ideas have certainly been born from chaos, we believe that a majority has been produced by structured thinkers.


It’s all about the team, the clients and our planet. Sustainability comes in many forms but the one key ingredient is to regard the needs of others as equally important as our own.

What we do

We deliver tailor-made, high-performance satellite platforms to our customers an order of magnitude faster than anyone else. Reflex Aerospace is disrupting the satellite manufacturing industry.

Our core business is to build and sell satellite platforms to customers from diverse domains. Reflex differentiates itself from the competition by offering much faster manufacturing, assembly and integration times at competitive prices. Reflex Aerospace is a “black label” manufacturer. It produces high-quality “Made in Germany” products.

Multiple services are offered around the core product to reach more customers. These services include smart financing models, satellite subscriptions and reselling of used platforms in orbit. All services aim to increase the number of sold platforms.

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We are based in Berlin and Munich and currently looking for outstanding individuals to join our growing world-class team.

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