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NextSpace® Satellites

Let us design and develop your satellite without compromise, whether it’s for Satcom or Earth Observation, LEO PNT, or something that’s never been done before. Our payload-centric design approach allows us to cater to single or multi-payload missions with a clear focus on platform sizes from approx. 100 to 500 kg.

From Vision To Satellite
Within 12 Months

Core Capabilities

No Empty Promises
Quickest design process in class. 

No Compromises
All solutions based on the highest-performing core avionics in class.

No Surprises
All non-recurring costs for adaptation & tailoring included.

No Limits
If physics allows it, we can do it.

Security by Design

Use of secure-by-design (third party) SDR modules.

CCSDS-compliant data link layer security.

Hardware accelerated E2E encryption of payload data on board (e.g. AES-128).

Configurable TMTC encryption & TC authentication.

On the Roadmap:

  • Native trusted platform module
  • Enhanced jamming resistance

Algorithmic Engineering

Design and build payload-specific satellite platforms fast. When the days count, count on Reflex’s smart manufacturing to rapidly bring your
orbital capacity back online.

Gruenburger Hof

Built in Germany, Designed for Orbit

Headquartered in Munich and Berlin, Reflex leverages the latest techniques to modernize payload-centric satellite development and production. With a team of 40 employees and a combined experience of 40+ successful space missions, Reflex prioritizes customer mission objectives and offers them the opportunity to get their payload to orbit without compromises.


The SIGI Mission

Reflex has signed a commercial agreement with Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) to accelerate innovation in orbit.

This partnership will enable the rapid deployment of cutting-edge space technology on a first-of-its-class satellite in fall 2024.


Automotive Connectivity

Based in Munich, UNIO Enterprise is a joint venture led by 4 entrepreneurial centers of gravity, Mynaric, SES, Reflex Aerospace, and Isar Aerospace. Reflex will support UNIO by providing satellites for their upcoming Demo Mission 2025. UNIO is dedicated to providing ultra-low latency broadband connectivity for both mobile and fixed applications with a focus on the mobility market. Their LEO constellation will carry two communication layers, RF and optical, enabling unmatched secure communication.

LOGO UNIO_22 OCT_72 PPP-18 1

Additive Manufacturing

The “Entwicklung einer integrativen Satellitenstruktur durch Einsatz Additiver Fertigungsverfahren (ESAF)” (Development of an Integrative Satellite Structure Through the Use of Additive Manufacturing Processes) research project is co-funded by Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and the European Union from state grants; jointly coordinated by AMBER (Additive Manufacturing Berlin Brandenburg).

LOGO reflex ESAF 72-08 1

Responsive Space

Isar Aerospace Technologies GmbH is the main Project Coordinator of SmartSat SpaceLink, a project with the objective of being prepared for future responsive space programs. For Reflex, this is a major stepping stone towards enhancing our in-house dual-use platform production capability to be significantly faster than before and to prepare for upcoming market needs.

This unique mission is funded by the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie and coordinated by IABG mbH.


Flat Sats

“High-Aspect Ratio Satellite Platform for Satellite Communication Missions” is a study project to analyze the current and potential future applications of High-Aspect Ratio (HAR) satellite configurations. This project is led by Space Tec Partners SRL and conducted in collaboration with Initium Space Consulting and Reflex Aerospace GmbH.

This project is funded by the European Space Agency as part of the future preparation element under the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems (ARTES) program.

In the News

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Aiming to launch NewSpace satellites at lower cost, Reflex Aerospace raises €7 million from HTGF and others (...)

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Dec 2022


[Reflex Aerospace] has secured a fixed slot for the rocket launch of their demo satellite.

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May 2023

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Reflex Aerospace Gears Up For First Commercial Mission And Expands Investor Base (...)

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May 2023


Reflex Aerospace Signs Media Broadcast Satellite as First Commercial Customer (...)

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June 2023

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