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Reflex Aerospace

The Perks and


Work on exciting and challenging projects

You will be working on space hard- and software. You’ll get the ultimate end-to-end space experience, starting from scratch and witnessing how the systems develop until launch readiness and throughout the missions in orbit.

Shape the products and the culture

We are standing at the very beginning. Decisions made today will shape the future. This is not only true for the concepts of our products and services, it is also true for our company culture which develops with every new team member.

Work from anywhere

…as long as you don’t work on hardware. We have offices in the heart of Berlin and Munich. You can work in one or the other, both, or remote.

Additional holiday

The 12th of April is a holy day in spaceflight. It’s the day when in 1961 Yuri Gagarin become the first human being to orbit the earth. The 12th is a day off for everyone.

Swapfiets subscription

Bikes are the best way to commute in Berlin. To facilitate your life we offer a swapfiets subscription so that you dont have to buy and maintain your own bike.

Our Hiring Process

Initial Screening

Our first personal contact is a video interview, not longer than 25 minutes. We introduce REFLEX and you introduce yourself, pointing out your relevant background, your single major achievement in the last years and why you are the perfect match for us. Down the road in the process we will ask you for references, it might be good to think of some people in advance.

2 Weeks later

Deep Dive

We send more info about REFLEX as well as a little homework task. In a one hour interview, we comment on the material we have sent. You present your homework results. Subsequently you walk us through one of your last projects highlighting the challenges and how you overcame them. We want to understand how you think and how badass you are. We close with a shortQ&A session.

3 Weeks later
Investor Screening

This third step is optional and depends on the position we are trying to fill. A representative from the investor side will do a final screening which takes between 30 and 60 min. You will get the chance to talk to some of the most experienced people of the industry. This is a great opportunity.

4-5 Weeks later


Once all the steps are completed, we will send you a written offer outlining the condition we would love to offer you.  We will outline all conditions incl. ESOP additional perks and benefits. Once you have accepted, a contract will be sent within a week.

You would like to become part of our team?

We are based in Berlin and Munich and currently looking for outstanding individuals to join our growing world-class team.