The Reflex OmniFlex

A state-of-the-art, multi-mission capable satellite pushing the boundaries of space innovation.

Your Needs, Our Designs

Remote Sensing


High pointing accuracy and stability for sophisticated passive and active EO instruments:

  • High spatial resolution PAN – MS 
  • Hyperspectral 
  • LiDAR
  • SAR
  • Infrared (NIR, SWIR, MWIR, TIR)
  • Multi payload/sensor missions



Sufficient power and performance to transmit uninterrupted:

  • Broadcasting services
  • Remote connectivity
  • Disaster relief and management
  • Maritime Communication
  • Military and Defence
  • OISL & Space-2-Ground
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)


High power and temperature management systems and advanced processing capabilities for:

  • Precision navigation
  • Emergency response 
  • Geospatial data collection
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)

What Else?


Exotic payload capabilities to meet the requirements of your users, customers and investors:

  • Space2Ground Energy Transmission
  • Space tug
  • Cargo return capsules


Satellite communications enabled by high-performance Reflex Technology

Phased array • OISL • High Aspect Ratio (HAR) platform

Remote Sensing

The future management of the global economy, food systems, and health will rely on good data on what is happening all around us.

LiDAR • Environmental Surveys • Infrastructure Monitoring • Elevation Monitoring

Custom Made, Every Time

We’ll configure an OmniFlex based on your unique mission needs.


  • Full range of LEO
  • Design lifetime up to 7 years


  • Total satellite mass from 85 to 500 kg
  • Payload mass up to 250 kg


  • Peak power into kW range

Payload-Centric Design

Don’t compromise on performance. The OmniFlex can host even the most demanding payloads.

On Board Computer (OBC)

  • Reflex ARC (Autonomous Reconfigurable Computer)
  • Multi-core ARM-based Architecture
  • 1 TB Redundant Storage 


  • TMTC: S-Band
  • Payload data: X-band (baseline), optional:
    • Optical Data Links 
    • High-throughput Ka/Ku-Band RF
    • 5G/IoT


  • Electric propulsion (baseline)
  • Tailored thrust and delta-v solutions for any mission profile


  • Agile 3-axis stabilized architecture 
  • Achievable performance up to:
    • < 0.01 deg (3σ) pointing accuracy
    • < 0.005 deg (3σ) pointing knowledge
    • < 1 m position knowledge in orbit

Other Capabilities

  • In-orbit image processing, analysis, and feature-detection ready
  • AI-application compatible
  • SW-defined architecture
  • Full redundancy
  • Single and multi-mission ready

Mission Operations Service Preferred Partner:
Telespazio Germany

Access a cloud-based Mission Operations Center, scalable from a single satellite to a mega constellation. Manage operations internally or outsource.


Our First Mission: SIGI

When Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) set out to launch their first payload to space, Reflex was there to help them on their journey.

SIGI is based on the OmniFlex platform

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