Reflex Aerospace and Flexell Space Team Up to Power Next-Generation Satellites

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  • Reflex Aerospace and Flexell Space Team Up to Power Next-Generation Satellites
  • German Reflex Aerospace and Flexell Space from South Korea have signed an Letter of Intent (LOI) to incorporate advanced solar cells into future satellite platforms.
  • This cooperation emphasizes the synergy between Flexell’s cutting-edge solar cell technology and Reflex’s expertise in rapid, high-performance satellite production.

Munich, Germany and Seongnam, South Korea – Reflex and Flexell Space have signed a LOI to collaborate on integrating Flexell’s state-of-the-art solar cells into Reflex’s rapidly manufactured satellite platforms, the companies announced. This international partnership brings together two NewSpace innovators at the cutting edge of satellite manufacturing and
solar power to usher in a new era of high-performance, low-lead-time satellites.

Reflex is pioneering new ways of improving satellite design and production, enabling the serial production of tailored satellites. Flexell Space, a Hanwha Group company, has developed groundbreaking solar cell technology that reduces mass while increasing durability and efficiency. Together, they are both working to meet the growing demand for
flexible, resilient and high-performance satellites.

“Performance and speed will define the satellite manufacturing industry of
tomorrow. Flexell’s bold vision for the next generation of space solar cells fits perfectly with our own vision of high-performance, tailor-made satellite platforms,” said Walter Ballheimer.  “Together, we can deliver next-generation satellite solutions that leverage both of our strengths in manufacturing.”

At the core of this partnership lies a shared vision for advancing space solar cells technology. Flexell Space is at the forefront of this endeavor, pioneering novel designs that promise a myriad of benefits, including reduced mass, heightened durability, enhanced flexibility, and even self-curing capabilities. This complements Reflex’s expertise in rapid satellite manufacturing using algorithmic engineering, agile design principles, and streamlined production techniques.

“Flexell’s ability to mass-produce these advanced solar cells not only addresses existing market bottlenecks but also exceeds performance requirements, positioning us as a game-changer in the realm of space solar technology.” said Tim Ahn, executive officer of Flexell Space.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. The companies expect the collaboration to drive development of new satellites that meet the growing needs of government, commercial and scientific customers for flexible, resilient and economical solutions. This partnership not only exemplifies the new era of innovation emerging in the commercial space sector but underlines also the fruitful bilateral trade relations of Germany-and South Korea.

About Flexell Space

FLEXELL SPACE, operates as an In-house company led by aerospace & energy experts from Hanwha Systems.  Flexell primarily focuses on the development and manufacturing of space solar cells, aiming to provide differentiated products for our customers in the space industry. Flexell is dedicated to achieving groundbreaking cost reductions and technological advancements in the space industry, making strides not only in satellite manufacturing markets but also in space based solar power and space exploration missions.

About Reflex Aerospace

Based in Munich and Berlin, Reflex Aerospace enables lightning-fast innovation in space by designing and manufacturing 100 to 500 kg payload-specific, dual-use satellite platforms within 12 months. Reflex is redefining satellite development by blending verticalized in-house design and manufacturing, end-to-end support, secure-by-design modules, hardware-accelerated encryption, and the highest-performing core avionics in its class.

Press Contact

Reflex Aerospace GmbH – Press contact
Lauro Gabriel De Souza Hining

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  • Reflex Aerospace and Flexell Space Team Up to Power Next-Generation Satellites

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