Telespazio Germany and Reflex Aerospace: Advancing Germany’s Space Capabilities through End-to-End Satellite Solutions

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A cooperation between the two German companies integrates the ground Telespazio Germany’s ground infrastructure and the satellite technology of Reflex satellite technology to create an end-to-end solution for satellite applications.
Telespazio Germany is one of the leading providers of satellite communications and earth observation data. The company operates an extensive network of satellite satellite ground stations and has the world’s first end-to-end cloud platform for space applications.
Reflex Aerospace is a NewSpace company based in Berlin and Munich that develops customised satellite platforms for civil and space applications at an unprecedented speed.
customised satellite platforms for civil and government applications at unprecedented speed.


Darmstadt and Munich, Germany, October 17, 2023  – Telespazio Germany and Reflex Aerospace have signed a cooperation agreement for a shared provision of an end-to-end satellite solution. Today’s announcement will see the companies pool their respective expertise in their segment, offering a seamless experience, with Reflex providing its payload specific satellites and Telespazio its ground segment and mission control capabilities, delivered through its EASE-Rise platform.

Once established, following Reflex’s first planned commercial satellite mission in fall of 2024, the end-to-end solution can be used by customers for any number of applications, such as communications or Earth Observation, with both platforms and mission control managed by Reflex and Telespazio Germany.

“Our partnership with Reflex underscores the importance of German cooperation in the aerospace sector,” comments Sigmar Keller, Chief Executive Officer at Telespazio Germany. “This collaboration will empower us to pool our resources, expertise, and technology, enabling us to offer cutting-edge solutions that position us as key players in the international satellite industry. We are excited to begin this partnership with Reflex.”

Walter Ballheimer, Chief Executive Officer at Reflex Aerospace, commented:

“This partnership with Telespazio Germany underscores our commitment to push boundaries and shape the future of technology in orbit. We share a similar mindset of innovation and collaboration. By combining our unique strengths – their ground segment expertise and our revolutionary satellite platforms – we’re affirming our mission: To enable lightning-fast innovation in space.”

The cooperation announced today not only showcases the strength of German expertise in satellite technology but also enhances the companies’ combined capabilities, fostering innovation in the aerospace sector. This cooperative effort ensures compatibility and mutual support, streamlining operations and leading to cost-efficiency. Moreover, it helps expand their global reach, positioning both European companies for success in the satellite industry while simultaneously reinforcing the value of German collaboration.

Reflex offers customized satellites designed to tackle the most challenging missions. They apply modern manufacturing and a unique design process to every satellite, resulting in enhanced reliability, the highest-performing core avionics in class, and radically improved delivery times. Telespazio has developed the EASE-Rise platform, which provides monitoring and control capabilities for space data missions including, but not limited to, asset monitoring and control (M&C), mission planning, and flight dynamics. This partnership agreement highlights Reflex’s commitment to using Telespazio as their primary ground segment contractor and partner. Telespazio, in return, commits to supporting Reflex in future projects as a strategic partner for ground solutions and ensuring compatibility of their mission control software with Reflex’s satellites.

Telespazio Germany GmbH

Telespazio Germany, a subsidiary of Telespazio – a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) – is an aerospace leader in ground segment and operations, satellite communications and geo information. With over 400 employees, it provides expert solutions based on a full range of systems operations engineering, and ICT disciplines. The company enables its clients’ businesses by developing high-quality, dependable, and innovative systems for control, planning and data processing as well as for simulations and training. Post-development, it provides operations services, and support through the entire programme lifecycle, up to fully outsourced services for its clients – at the highest quality and compliant with the relevant regulations.

Telespazio Germany GmbH – Press contact
Cristina Conesa
+ 49 (0)6151 8257 789


About Reflex Aerospace

Based in Munich and Berlin, Reflex Aerospace enables lightning-fast innovation in space by designing and manufacturing 100 to 500 kg payload-specific, dual-use satellite platforms within 12 months. Reflex is redefining satellite development by blending verticalized in-house design and manufacturing, end-to-end support, secure-by-design modules, hardware-accelerated encryption, and the highest-performing core avionics in its class.


Reflex Aerospace GmbH – Press contact
Lauro Gabriel De Souza Hining

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