The Reflex Advantage

Ditch the CubeSats

Never Sacrifice on Performance or Speed

Reflex stands apart by refusing to make compromises.

Classic space satellites are not known to be developed fast and NewSpace satellites tend to struggle to deliver high performance and reliability.

Reflex tackles both. We design every satellite around the needs of our customers and we never compromise when it comes to power, performance, or reliability.

The customizability of classic space meets the speed and innovation of NewSpace.

We call it NextSpace®.

Our Vision:

To enable lightning-fast innovation in space

satellite model

Enter NextSpace®

We apply cutting-edge commercial manufacturing techniques to satellites, dramatically decreasing assembly and integration times.

By applying streamlined system design processes, Reflex accelerates satellite delivery.

Reflex prioritizes customer mission objectives and offers them the opportunity to get their payload to orbit without compromises.

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