The Reflex OmniFlex

A state-of-the-art, multi-mission capable satellite pushing the boundaries of space innovation.

Customized payload-centric
platform designs


Baseline Configuration

Full range of LEO.

3+ year design lifetime.

Payload volume up to 0.2 m2.

Payload mass up to 50 kg.

Nominal payload power up to 150W.

High-Precision (HiPr) Configuration

Designed for precise and high-resolution atmospheric and ground measurements.

Imaging over the entire spectrum, from Visual (VIS) to Infrared (Near-, Short Wave-, Thermal-IR).


Expanded payload volume and mass.

Greater nominal and peak power.

Increased pointing accuracy and knowledge.

Extended design lifetime.

Algorithmic Engineering

Design and build payload-specific satellite platforms fast. When the days count, count on Reflex’s smart manufacturing to rapidly bring your
orbital capacity back online.

Explore Our First Satellite: SIGI

Launching October 2024

Developed in Partnership with Media Broadcast Satellite

In-House Design and Manufacturing

Based on OmniFlex Configuration


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