The Reflex OmniFlex

A state-of-the-art, multi-mission capable satellite pushing the boundaries of space innovation.

Customized payload-centric
platform designs

Baseline Configuration

Full range of LEO.

3+ year design lifetime.

Payload volume up to 0.2 m2.

Payload mass up to 50 kg.

Nominal payload power up to 150W.


Expanded payload volume and mass.

Greater nominal and peak power.

Increased pointing accuracy and knowledge.

Extended design lifetime.

Algorithmic Engineering

Design and build payload-specific satellite platforms fast. When the days count, count on Reflex’s smart manufacturing to rapidly bring your
orbital capacity back online.

Explore Our First Satellite: SIGI

Launching October 2024

Developed in Partnership with Media Broadcast Satellite

In-House Design and Manufacturing

Based on OmniFlex Configuration

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