Dieses Satelliten-Startup aus Berlin fliegt 2024 mit SpaceX ins All

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SIGI, Reflex’s first satellite, being assembled in Berlin

Reflex Aerospace, a satellite startup based in Berlin, aims to become a prominent player in the satellite manufacturing industry.

Right now, Reflex is preparing for a significant milestone in their journey: The launch of their first satellite SIGI. The startup is on a tight schedule, with a countdown of two months, 18 days, and 13 hours ticking away until their first satellite must be delivered. 

This satellite’s launch is scheduled for the coming fall when it will be sent into Earth’s orbit aboard a 70-meter tall Falcon-9 rocket from SpaceX, the renowned space exploration company founded by Elon Musk.

The anticipation for Reflex Aerospace is not just about launching a satellite but also about what this means for the company’s future and its place within the aerospace sector.

The commercial customer for whom they developed the satellite, among other collaborations, hints at the growing influence and capability of European startups in the global space industry; an industry traditionally dominated by well-entrenched interests.

If successful, this mission could catapult Reflex Aerospace into the ranks of significant satellite manufacturers, marking a pivotal moment for both the company and the broader aerospace ecosystem in Europe.

This venture reflects the innovative spirit and ambition emanating from the Berlin tech scene, as well as the increasing democratization of space exploration facilitated by commercial space firms like SpaceX. As Reflex Aerospace hustles to meet their deadline, the industry watches closely. This project underlines the challenges and excitement surrounding private satellite launches and the evolving partnerships between the upstart generation of aerospace companies and the old guard.

This is illustrative of a critical junction in the journey of a fledgling company, emphasizing the technological, logistical, and collaborative advancements required to make such a leap from concept to orbit.

This is a summarized version of an article written by Gründerszene (published with permission).

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  • Dieses Satelliten-Startup aus Berlin fliegt 2024 mit SpaceX ins All

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